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ET60S-D04-5-03-A04-X-R1-S Original New Electrical And Power Connectors Good Price Energy Storage Connectors

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Parameter introduction:


Power supply contact: 30A / PIN 

signal contact: 2.50A / PIN

2. Voltage Resistance: power supply contacts: 2500V DC

3. Contact Resistance: power contacts 0.003 Ω, Signal contact element: 0.02 Ω

4. Rated voltage: 

power supply contacts: 250V DC 

signal contacts: 48V DC

5. Operating Temperature: -5℃±, 105℃

6. Insulation Resistance: 

power contacts: 10,000 m Ω 

signal contacts: 500m Ω

7. Salt Spray: 48H

8. Temperature Life: at the temperature of 105℃ for 250 hours, with no damage to the parts

Material Quality:

1. Contact Material: Copper

2. Electroplating Method: Gold plating , Tin plating 

3. Insulation Material: UL94V-0 glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic plastic

All products meet ROHS 2.0, REACH, TUV certification, export quality requirements

Product introduction

13 years experience connector manufacturer, covers board to board connector, wire to board connector, photovoltaic connector, new energy connector, automotive connector, wire harness, finished wire and cables, plastic and hardware mold production.

We can provide 150 kinds of power connectors and related accessories products, which have been exported to customers all over the world, especially customers in Europe.

Our company has a strong research and development strength, 13 years of mold engineering research and development department, welcome new and old customers to consult----- DongGuan J&L Electronic technology Co.,LTD .