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Which brands are there in the connector industry ?

2022-08-25 10:55 759Browse

Connectors industry is a brand of numerous precision connector industry. In addition to the well-known brands, TE, AMP, JONHON, MOLEX, JST, HRS, DongGuan J&L Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. From its establishment, it always focused on building our own brand, Registered for the " J & L connector " trademark, Multiple excellent connector brand rankings for brand connector network. Our company takes quality as the first vitality, Constantly innovate and develop new products. As of October, 2022, our company has developed and produced no less than 100,000 special connectors, 80 % percent of our company's products are exported to the whole world. In particular, America, Korea, Japan, Germany, which has been highly praised by overseas customers.

" J & L connector" will continue to learn from the excellent brand peers, the small connector to do fine, do specialized, we have been in the connector industry for 13 years, and we still stay true to the original aspiration, continue to move forward on the road of connector.