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What is PGA Connector from J&L Company ? 

2022-08-25 10:55 893Browse

Recently, a friend asked me what is a PGA connector?

As friends in the connector industry know, it is one very important component of the PCBA product.

A way of chip packaging.

PGA: (Pin-Grid Array, pin grid array) A form of chip packaging, the disadvantage is the high power consumption.

Display pin packaging. One of the plug-in packages, the bottom of the vertical pins are arranged on display. Packaging substrate basically uses multi-layer ceramic substrate. In the absence of a specific material name, most are ceramic PGA, used for high-speed and high-speed, large-scale logic LSI circuits. The cost is higher. The pin center distance is usually 2.54mm, and the number of pins ranges from 64 to 447.

To reduce costs, the packaging substrate can be replaced by a glass epoxy printed substrate. There is also a plastic PGA with 64 to 256 pins.

In addition, there is a short pin surface mounting type of PGA (touch welding PGA) with a pin center distance of 1.27mm.

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