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Which brands are there in the connector industry ?

Connectors industry is a brand of numerous precision connector industry. In addition to the well-known brands, TE, AMP, JONHON, MOLEX, JST, HRS, DongGuan J&L Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. From its e…


which factory box and ejector header make best ?

 The year 2022 is the most challenging year in the world. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the delivery dates of major brand connector manufacturers have been delayed or even out of stock. In partic…


What is PGA Connector from J&L Company ? 

Recently, a friend asked me what is a PGA connector?As friends in the connector industry know, it is one very important component of the PCBA product.A way of chip packaging.PGA: (Pin-Grid Array,…


Machined round pin and female socket connector manufacturer- J&L Connector

What are the world famous manufacturers of round hole pin and female socket connector ?DongGuanJ&L Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., since its establish, which is committed to the production…


What are the wire-to-board connectors ?

13 years experience connector manufacturer, J&L Company covers board to board connector,wire to board connector, wire harness, finished cables, plastic, hardware mold production, 70% of the produ…


New energy connector-J and L photovoltaic connector series products

13 years experience connector manufacturer, J&L Company covers board to board connector, wire to board connector, photovoltaic connector, new energy connector, automotive connector…